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The Ipe is one of the species of the genus Tabebuia, belonging to the botanical Bignoniaceae, which 
means - thick bark tree

The tree of Ipe is high and can reach 30 m in height. In addition to being much appreciated by the quality of its wood it is used for ornamental and decorative purposes 

It is a tree originating from the Cerrado, does not need much water, is well-crowned and at the time of flowering totally loses the leaves to give way to flowers of varied colours, which are at the origin of the different names of the wood of Ipe 

It blooms in the period from July to September and fruits from September to October 

Characteristics of wood
Heartwood - Brown color with greenish reflection 

Grain - The grain is straight and the texture is coarse

Density / Hardness - High, very hard and heavy wood

Durability - Highly resistant to fungi and insects